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The Ghost Who Walks (novel)

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The Ghost Who Walks
Produced for: The Story of the Phantom
#1 (1972)
# of pgs: 144
Writer: Lee Falk
Artist: no illustrations
Original colorist: N/A
Producer: Avon Publications

"The Ghost Who Walks" is the first Avon novel, written by Lee Falk.


This first exciting book in the series, titled "The Story of The Phantom: The Ghost Who Walks," tells the story of the childhood and adolescence of the twenty-first Phantom. His father, the twentieth Phantom, regales the reader and young Kit Walker of the men who came before him: the fighter who beat Redbeard the Pirate, while gaining the heart of Queen Natala; the harrowing actions that the twentieth Phantom took to regain the friendship of the Rope People, and many more stories! In this opening to the series, we also meet Diana Palmer- the love of the Phantom, the woman who always can count on the Phantom to rescue her, even before he becomes The Ghost Who Walks. This thrilling beginning shows the man behind the mask, as Kit and Guran, his confident and friend, embark on the first of many adventures. Be sure to tune in, because you'd hate to come in late to this tale!

Plot Summary

The book tells the story about Kit Walker, son of the 20th Phantom, who will one day grow up to take over the mantle from his father and become the 21st Phantom.

The book starts with Kit's birth in the Skull Cave. Several chapters are dedicated to him growing up in the Bangalla jungle, where the readers get to see events and lessons that shape him to the man he will once become.

When Kit reaches the age of 12, he travels to Clarksville, USA, to receive a proper education (it is a tradition in the Phantom family that the children are sent away to their mother's homeland for education). Kit lives with his mother's sister and her husband in Clarksville.

Kit is a brilliant student, and receives excellent grades in every subject. Kit proves to be a talented sportsman, and is predicted to become the world champion of a number of different genres (he even knocks out the boxing champion of the world in a match when the champion visits Clarksville.

Kit also meets his future wife-to-be, Diana Palmer, on a Christmas party on his school.

Despite being able to choose practically any career he wants, Kit faithfully returns to Bangalla to take over the role of the Phantom when he receives word from his childhood friend Guran that his father, the 20th Phantom, is dying from wounds he received in a battle with pirates trying to rob a jungle hospital.


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