The Emperor's Gift

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The Emperor's Gift
Produced for: Fantomen 13/2008
# of pgs: 31
Writer: David Bishop
Artist: César Spadari
Original colorist: Reprostugan
Producer: Egmont Kärnan

"The Emperor's Gift" is a 2008 Team Fantomen story, written by David Bishop, with art by César Spadari.

Plot summary

Kit and Heloise and Guran go to Keela-Wee but discover that the golden sands have been divided by an electric fence by "The Washington Group". The Phantom is alerted and he tells Guran that Keela-Wee has been owned by the Walker family for over 300 years. The Phantom go to the beach to explore. He speaks with a man named Caldicott who explain that the beach is the property of Cosmo Washington.

The Phantom go to Morristown to speak with Cosmo who has claimed the beach as his inheritance, being the descendant of of a twin brother of Emperor Joonkar. It is in fact his young wife Meg who has advised him of this. Back in the Skull Cave, Kit and Heloise have discovered that The Washington Group is owned by Emcee Enterprises who is owned by Cosmo Washington's wife Meg. Also, president Sandal Singh has sent a message that she wants to meet him.

Meeting the president on her yacht, Sandal Singh asks for the Phantom's help to stop The Washington Group from exploiting the beaches of Keela-Wee to build a casino. The state prosecutor explain that The Washington Group has submitted a claim for half of Bengali to a court. She asks the Phantom to investigate who is behind The Washington Group.

Waiting outside Cosmo Washington's apartment, he meets one of Cosmo's old friends who explain that Cosmo is under the evil influence of his wife Meg. The Phantom recognizes Meg on a photo as the con woman Maggie Crabtree. The next morning the Phantom follow Caldicott to a hotel where he give a briefcase with money to the state prosecutor Akinsiku. Confronting him in the elevator, the state prosecutor tell him that Maggie Crabtree will kill his children unless he cooperates.

President Singh has invited Cosmo Washington and his wife to her yacht to negotiate a deal. After getting on bord the president tell them that there won't be a deal and the Phantom tell her that the game is up, that Meg is in fact the con woman Maggie Crabtree. She pulls a gun and when her husband Cosmo protests, she shoots him. She force the president into a motor boat and drive off with her. Speaking in the boat, it appears that the president has met Maggie before.

Back on the yacht Cosmo Washington has recovered after getting shot in his shoulder. President Singh come back alone to the yacht, explaining that Maggie Crabtree fell overboard and probably drowned.

A few days later in the presidential palace the Phantom meet with the president. Both the state prosecutor and Caldicott have mysteriously died. The president do not deny that she had them murdered, only say that they both had accidents.

Speaking with Guran a few days later, the Phantom is getting concerned that president Singh is acting more and more ruthless.


Recurring characters

One-time characters

  • Caldicott, lawyer
  • Mr Akinsiku, state prosecutor




  • Khalim, Sandal Singh's yacht

Old jungle sayings

  • He who comes to Keela Wee without love is buried there.
  • The voice of the Phantom turns blood into ice.


  • In Morristown, the Phantom is walking down "Sy Barry Street".
  • Sandal Singh has a tattoo with the Singh logo on her right forearm

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