The Diamond from Kolahoore

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The Diamond from Kolahoore
Produced for: L'Uomo Mascherato #181 (1970)
# of pgs: 24
Writer: (?)
Artist: Mario Jannì
Original colorist: unknown
Producer: Fratelli Spada

"The Diamond from Kolahoore" is a 1970 Fratelli Spada story by Mario Jannì.

Plot summary

The Phantom visits the city of Kolahoore in India and his friend, the Maharaja. The Maharaja's precious diamond, "The Eye of Kali" is stolen. The Phantom begins to investigate the matter and is soon subjected to several assassination attempts.

Eventually, the Phantom finds the Kali worshippers and the diamond in an abandoned temple. After fighting these thuggees, the Phantom manages to return the diamond to the Maharaja. In turn, the Maharaja gives "The Eye of Kali" to the Phantom as appreciation for his efforts. The diamond is said to give eternal fortune and happiness to its owner, and the Phantom believes he will need all help he can get when the thuggees return for revenge.


Recurring characters

One-time characters

  • The Maharaja of Kolahoore






Old Jungle Sayings

Behind the Scenes

  • When reprinted in Sweden (and later Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Turkey), several changes were made in the story:
    • A new beginning and end was added (consisting of old Sy Barry panels).
    • The setting was changed to Toombar in the Misty Mountains.
    • The story was also changed to be about the current Phantom's father.
    • In the original version, the Phantom shoots and possibly kills a man. This was edited out of the Swedish version.


This story has been published in the following publications:

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