The Den of Tigers

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The Den of Tigers
The Den of Tigers.jpg
Start date: December 12, 2011
End date: April 7, 2012
# of strips: 102 (17 weeks)
Writer: Tony DePaul
Artist: Paul Ryan
Original colorist: KFS staff
Preceded by: "A Detente with Crime"
Followed by: "Mexico's Phantom"

"The Den of Tigers" is the 234th Phantom daily story. The story was written by Tony DePaul and drawn by Paul Ryan.

Plot Summary

Victor requires the emissary of the Ten Tigers gang who had to kill his best friend who now returned to his son, the only Chinese expressed their happiness to see him. Lee Falk narrates the events of the previous history for the late arriving while he himself actually sitting and observes Victor and the Ten Tigers, Ten Tigers gang wanted to start a business of methamphetamines in Mexico, the Phantom is on his way to China to discuss treatment options.

In Ciudad Jardín, Victor asks his son and his friend back, Victor desperately calls the envoy meets Chinese treatment which only argues to stay with their children until they are confident that Ernesto is dead and the business of methamphetamines do well.

The Phantom, he says from a call to Elena who does not believe in rumors, to hear of the chelae.

In the Lair of the Ten Tigers Gang at Pingtan island, the gang leader tells Vicente and Emiliano that they are free to do whatever they want in the area, but if they flee, their loved ones pay their offense. When the boys are away, the chief tells one of his thugs that they need Victor currently to establish themselves, but that he should be killed later at the same time as Vicente and Emiliano.

The Phantom, gets a speedboat in Taipei, and goes immediately to The Lair of The Ten Tigers, his plan is to confront the Ten Tigers the next day as Victor has informed him that they will meet then.

He arrives in the morning and starts fishing off the coast of the island. He is soon detected by the The Ten Tigers and their men starts trying to scare him off by firing at him.

The Phantom, finally returns to the Lair of the Ten Tiguers, enter in the house of first Tiger, where he watching the tigers. Later second Tiger arrives in the House The Phantom, knocked him out, a couple of hours later, the second Tiger, wake up and enter in the exhibition hall, here the message of fear of ghost runs, the first Tiger, does go, to the other tigers, and he fighting with The Phantom, and the ghost knocked him out, escapes with the children, and take a flight to Ciudad Jardin.

The first Tiger, ordered to escape of Ciudad Jardin to the tenth tiger. While The Phantom,swears clean Ciudad Jardin of organized crime.

To be continued


Recurring characters

One-time characters

  • Bullies

Real-life characters


  • Mexico
    • Ciudad Jardín
  • China
    • Pingtan
      • The Lair of the Ten Tigers Gang
    • Taipei


  • Ten Tigers Gang


  • On the panel from December 31, 2011, the boat that leads the Phantom to the lair of the Ten Tigers Band, has the name of Ghost Traveler.

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This story has been published in the following publications:

Mini australia.gif Australia

Mini bahamas.png The Bahamas

Mini colombia.gif Colombia

  • El Colombiano January 7, 2012 – February 4, 2012 (incomplete story)

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Mini norway.gif Norway

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