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The Beast of the Green Hell

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The Beast of the Green Hell
Produced for: Phantom #7
# of pgs: 24
Writer: Peter Mennigen
Artist: unknown
Original colorist: unknown
Producer: Bastei

"The Beast of the Green Hell" is a 1980 Bastei story, written by Peter Mennigen.

Plot summary

Chief Osaka of the Darsa tribe has been killed during a hunt, and his son Loga returns home from studies in London to assume the role as chief. On his way to the village, Loga encounters a group of young Darsa warriors on a lion hunt. The inexperienced warriors are in great danger and Loga rescues them, together with the Phantom who also is on his way to the village.

In the village, Loga and the Phantom discover that the medicine man Wandisi is in control of the tribe, filling them with fear and superstition and forcing young warriors on dangerous hunts to prove their courage. As the new chief, Loga is determined to abandon the old ways, and Wandisi swears to get rid of him.

Loga sends for a school teacher from Morristown, Tamara, to teach the Darsa children in the abandoned missionary school. But on her way to the village, she is nearly killed in an attack by Wandisi, and rescued by the Phantom in the last minute.

In class, Tamara demonstrates a cassette recorder. Wandisi finds it and uses it to make the Idol of the god Naro "speak" and command the tribe to kill the Phantom and Loga. They hide in the school building which is set afire, but escape in a secret tunnel. Believing that he has succeeded, Wambisi sends the young warriors out to hunt White Rhinoceros. Thanks to the Phantom, the warriors avoid being injured or killed in the dangerous hunt.

A desperate Wandisi captures Tamara and threatens to throw her off a cliff, but the Phantom saves her with a lasso. Wandisi finally gives up and leaves the village in the hands of chief Loga.


Recurring characters

One-time characters

  • Loga
  • Wandisi
  • Tamara






Old Jungle Sayings


This story has been published in the following publications:

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