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The Adventures of the Ghost who Walks

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The Adventures of the Ghost who Walks was an Indian comic series published by Egmont Imagination India in 2003. A second series was published in 2007 by Euro Books, a third and fourth series in 2011, and a fifth in 2014.

First series

The Adventures of the Ghost who Walks reprinted some stories from the comic book series The Phantom, but in a larger album format and with two stories per issue. The first eight books were essentialy reprints of The Phantom Action Adventure Series but with new covers. The other books featured stories that had not previously been published in India.

Like the Action Adventure series, despite the bigger album format the size of the comic pages was the same as a regular comic book, and the rest of the page was filled with a black/grey border.

Issue overview

Second series

The entire series was reprinted with new covers in 2007 by Euro Books. This time around the books had no issue numbering.

In addition to this, there were also five "6 in 1"-books, which collected six stories in each book.

Issue overview

Third series

Another reprint of the same books and stories, but with new covers, was released in April 2011.

Issue overview

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Fourth series

A new set of books with stories not previously published was also released in April 2011. These books were in a new, smaller format and contained recent daily stories in color. 24 books were released with one main story, though some of them also included previews of other books in the series as filler. There were also eight 3-in-1-books that collected stories from three single issues.

Issue overview

Fifth series

The fifth series was released in 2014 and consists of twelve 2-in-1 books and two 12-in-1 books. All stories were previously published in the fourth series.

Issue overview

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