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The Abandoned Well

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The Abandoned Well
The Abandoned Well.jpg
First appearance: "The Jungle Patrol"
Created by: Lee Falk & Wilson McCoy

The Abandoned Well is a place The Phantom uses to communicate with the Jungle Patrol in his guise as The Unknown Commander. Located outside the Jungle Patrol headquarters, it is officially condemned because the water in it is said to be contaminated. However, this is not the case.

Rather, at the bottom of the well, there is a tunnel that leads to underneath the safe in the Commander's office. Using a removable panel, he gives instructions to the Patrol.

Notable appearances

Daily & Sunday stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"The Jungle Patrol" Falk McCoy
"The Super Apes" Falk McCoy
"The Master Spy" Falk McCoy
"The White Princess" Falk McCoy
"The Frameup" Falk McCoy
"The Swamp Rats" Falk McCoy
"The Flying Horse" Falk McCoy
"The Reporter" Falk McCoy
"The Monkey Mail" Falk McCoy
"The Mystery of the Island of Dogs" Falk Barry
"The Founding of the Jungle Patrol" Falk Barry
"The Bad Ones" Falk Barry
"Luaga's Undercover Tour" Falk Barry
"The Trial of Patrolman Zokko" Falk Barry

Gold Key/King/Charlton stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"The Swamp Rats" Falk, Harris Lignante
"Oogooru" Falk, Harris Lignante
"The Patrol" Harris Lignante
"Blind Man's Bluff" Lignante Lignante
"The Historian" Falk, Lignante Lignante
"Disband the Patrol" Di Pluhm Aparo

Team Fantomen stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"The Man with the White Mask" Lundström Vallvé
"The Unknown Commander, Part 1" Worker Bess Already in use in 1831
"The Unknown Commander, Part 2" Worker Bess
"The Guardian Angel" Reimerthi Felmang, Ferri
"Election in Bengali, Part 1: The Challenger" Reimerthi Lindahl
"The Commander is Dead" Avenell Leppänen Colonel Worubu discovers the passage from the well to the safe
"The Triads, Part 1: Deadly Cargo" Reimerthi Felmang, Benny
"The Vanishing Lake" Reimerthi Dick Giordano
"The Butcher from Clarksville" Siverbo Velluto