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I am a bit unsure of what to call this page. This page refer to the newspaper as Linköpings Tidning/Kinda-Posten, while the other two editions is called Vimmerby Tidning and Västerviks-Posten. However, Vimmerby Tidning's homepage is called but the headline says Länstidningen Norr/Vimmerby Tidning and Västerviks-Posten's homepage is called but the headline says Länstidningen Norr/Västeviks-Posten, with the shortened form LV. and VP. respectively (the logos could be seen at their homepages).

The homepage for this newspaper is called but the headline says Linköpings Tidning/Kinda-Posten. At the library, it goes under the name Linköpings Tidning. The logo can be seen at the homepage and it goes in the same style as LV. and VP., but what name should be used for the article? Is the current one sufficient? Karl MAN (talk) 15:24, 23 October 2015 (CEST)