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First appearance: Rex King
Created by: Lee Falk & Sy Barry

Stripes is the only tiger that lives on Eden. The Phantom's Vacation

Fictional Character Biography

According to the Newspaper strip

She has tigon cubs with the lion Fuzzy. The Phantom's Vacation

According to Team Fantomen stories

Phantom took Stripes to the Skull Cave to train Devil when he was a pup. Devil's Story

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Daily/Sunday stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"Rex King" Falk Barry Named for the first time
"The Dolphins" Falk Barry
"The Tanker-Jackers" Falk Barry
"The Giant of Kaluga" Falk Barry
"The Normal Life" Falk Barry
"Little Girl" Falk Barry
"Hzzz" Falk Barry
"The Proposal" Falk Barry
"Phantom Wedding" Falk Barry
"The Wedding of the Phantom" Falk Barry
"The Phantom's Vacation" Falk Barry female, mother of tigon cubs with Fuzzy
"Visit to Baronkhan" Falk Barry mentioned, as male
"The Return of Gooroo's Mob" Falk Barry
"The Twins' 8th Birthday" Falk Barry
"Exodus of the Little People" Falk Barry
"Rex: Prince of Baronkhan" Falk Barry
"The Master of Eden" Falk Barry female, "Stripes.. good lady"
"Zima, The Rogue Elephant" Falk Barry as Queenie, with tigon cubs
"Blackie" Falk Barry as Queenie, with tigon cubs
"The Moxley Awards" Falk Barry
"Dinosaur" Falk Barry
"Waterman" Falk Olesen, Fredericks
"The Albee" Falk Olesen, Williams
"The Animal Collector" DePaul Olesen, Williams
"Stripes" DePaul Olesen, Williams as a male tiger
"Temple of the Gods, Part 1: The U-Boat Mystery" DePaul Olesen, Williams, Ryan

Team Fantomen stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"A Dangerous Voyage" Worker Wilhelmsson, Eralp
"Devil's Story" Avenell Bess at the Skull Cave
"The Horn of Roland" Worker Cruz