Sarah Cartwright

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Sarah Cartwright
aka "Miss Mist"
Sarah Cartwright by Hans Lindahl 2005.png
First appearance: "Deadly Infection"
Created by: Claes Reimerthi and Jaime Vallvé

Sarah Cartwright is a former secret agent for the government of Rodia, under the name "Miss Mist".

She spent the first years of her life with her parents in Marcusburg, Rodia, where her father, Dr Aron Cartwright, worked as a doctor. Her parents, members of the political opposition, were sent to prison camp and Sarah Cartwright grew up in an orphanage, believing that her parents had died in a terrorist attack. Her mother died in a prison camp but her father escaped to Bengali. She became Rodia's most accomplished secret agent until she met her father on a mission. The Last Mission

After finishing her secret agent career she worked with her father in his medical practice in Bengete, Morristown. The Evil Game, Part 1

She later became brainwashed into joining former president Lubanga's cult Voice of God who believed that a series of bomb attacks would pave the way for Lubanga to return as president. He made her commander of the cult's jungle camp. She realized her mistake when Lubanga, by accident, killed her father in an attempt to shoot president Luaga. The Farm The Army


This list of appearances is considered to be complete, with reservations for the possibility of mistakes.

Team Fantomen stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"Deadly Infection" Tierres Vallvé
"Jezebel" Tierres Bade
"The Last Mission" Tierres Felmang, Ferri
"The Evil Game, Part 1" Reimerthi Cruz
"The Evil Game, Part 2" Reimerthi Cruz
"Caught in the Crossfire" Reimerthi Cruz
"Jungle Bait" Moberg Thunborg
"Operation Hades" Reimerthi Cruz
"Death of Lubanga, Part 1: The Peace Prize Winner" Reimerthi Lindahl
"Death of Lubanga, Part 2: The Last Battle" Reimerthi Lindahl
"Revenge of Lubanga, Part 2: Double Game" DePaul Spadari
"The Redeemer, Part 2: The Farm" Reimerthi Lindahl
"The Redeemer, Part 3: The Army" Reimerthi McLeod
"The Gandor Sect" Reimerthi Bade
"Wipe out Bengete" Reimerthi Bade
"Rodia - Twilight" Reimerthi Felmang
"The Fight Against Singh, Part 2: In the Shadow of the Enemy" Reimerthi Ordon
"The Fight Against Singh, Part 4: A Family Affair" Reimerthi Ordon

Daily/Sunday stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"Terror in Mawitaan" DePaul Nolan
"The Death of Diana Palmer Walker" DePaul Ryan only in Team Fantomen version with additional story and art by Granberg and Lindahl

Frew stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"Kidnapped" Roger Roger
"Synfuel" Roger Roger