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First appearance: "The Singh Brotherhood"
Created by: Lee Falk & Ray Moore

For the wife of the 21st Phantom who is known as Sala in Norway, see Diana Palmer-Walker.

Sala is a member of the notorious Sky Band.

Fictional biography

According to Newspaper stories

The beautiful Sala was the confidant and protegé of Kabai Singh, emperor of the Singh Brotherhood. Notably affected by The Phantom from their first meeting and on, Sala teases Kabai for his inadequate way of dealing with the Ghost Who Walks. When the Singh's original headquarter, Krakatan, is destroyed, Sala and Kabai, as the sole survivors, escape to the Singh outpost at Mount Trepnich. Not much later, The Phantom once again tracks them down, but is incarcerated. Sala, having fallen for him, proclaims her love and offers to set him free, if he takes her with him. The Phantom refuses and the humiliated Sala leaves him to be executed by Kabai Singh's men.

However - faced with the imminent death of her love, Sala changes her mind, and betrays the Brotherhood by making a unsuccessful attempt to to free The Phantom. Just as the enraged Kabai sends her away to be killed along with the Phantom, the Royal Air Force arrives, bombing Mount Trepnich. Sala sees her change, attacking Kabai by stabbing him in the back, killing him. Seconds later a nearby building explodes, and believing she is about to die, Sala tells The Phantom that she was never a part of Singh, but rather a spy, planted in the Brotherhood by a rival crime organization called The Sky Band, specialized in hijacking airplanes. The Singh Brotherhood

Sala saves the life of the Phantom.

Sala is taken to a army hospital, and regaining her strength, she realize the mistake she made revealing her true assignment. Escaping the hospital, she returns to The Sky Band's headquarter, located on the Isle of Herons. Eventually tracking them down, The Phantom arrives on the isle, only to be captured by Sala and taken to The Baroness, the leader of The Sky Band, which is revealed to be an all female organization.

As The Baroness also develops feelings for The Phantom, conflicts arise within the gang. The Baroness sends Sala away on a mission, resulting in Sala's arrest. Eventually understanding that The Baroness had known that the mission was a setup, and that she had chosen Sala in order to get rid of her, Sala decides to cooperate with the army. She leads them to the Isle of Herons, which result in the final defeat of the Sky Band. The Sky Band

Some time later, The Phantom learns of planes getting attacked by an unknown gang, and, recognizing the methods, he realizes that The Sky Band has returned. This time Sala is the Band's leader, with another woman, Margo, as her second-in-command. Eventually he has them both arrested, but during their transportation aboard a military ship, they are able to escape. The Phantom follows them though, but soon all three of them finds themselves prisoners on a foreign ship under the command of Captain Grunz. Sala, still in love with The Phantom, manages to free him, just in time for a showdown between the foreign vessel and an American military ship. Thanks to Sala and The Phantom, Captain Grunz is defeated. As Sala prepares to go back to jail, The Phantom, having seen the good in her, decides to let her go free. The Return of the Sky Band

According to Team Fantomen

Sala saved the life of The Phantom by killing Kabai Singh. The Road to Power She returned to Bengali under the alias Salambo, piloting a cargo plane that was smuggling plutonium to Rhodia. The Plutonium Wreck

According to Frew

Sala appears in a flashback, depicting the death of Kabai Singh. Return of the Singh Brotherhood

According to Mandrake the Magician daily strip

Sala has been hiding in a castle near the border where Europe meets Asia, and remains wanted by Interpol. The Unknown Island

According to Moonstone

Decades after The Phantom's first encounter with Sala, The Sky Band reappears, now kidnapping wealthy businessmen. As The Phantom is captured by them, he is mistakenly assuming their leader to be Sala. Instead it is her daughter, Sara. Sala has told her daughter that The Phantom is her father, and now she is out to get revenge on the man who supposedly broke her mother's heart and left her pregnant. The Aviatrix Pt 1

A blood-test soon denies any such relation and the devastated Sara leaves The Phantom to die in a flying vessel about to crash. Moments before the impact, someone regains remote control of the plane, mitigating the take-down and saving The Phantom's life. Diana Palmer-Walker happily reunites with her husband, and from a safe distance, Sala is watching them for a while, until she finally leaves, once again having saved the life of the man she's always loved. The Aviatrix Pt 2

When her daughter's reformed Sky Band joined forces with the Singh Brotherhood, Ali Gutaale, Anna Bacia, and Manuel Ortega, Sala helped the Phantom to interfere with their plans. Checkmate Pt 5

Behind the scenes

In Phantom stories published in Norway, Diana is called Sala.


This list of appearances is considered to be complete, with reservations for the possibility of mistakes.

Daily/Sunday stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"The Singh Brotherhood" Falk Moore
"The Sky Band" Falk Moore
"The Return of the Sky Band" Falk Moore
"The Death of Diana Palmer Walker" DePaul Ryan mentioned only in Team Fantomen version with additional story and art by Granberg and Lindahl

Team Fantomen stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"Dogai - The Road to Power" Reimerthi Lindahl flashback only
"The Plutonium Wreck" DePaul Boix
"Sala and the President" DePaul Felmang

RGE stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"The End of Singh Empire" Falk Monteiro

Frew stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"Return of the Singh Brotherhood" Shepherd Chatto flashback
"Revenge of the Sky Band" Constant Paulos

Moonstone stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"The Aviatrix Part 1" Raab Quinn, Wheaton mentioned and seen in flashbacks
"The Aviatrix Part 2" Raab Quinn, Wheaton
"Checkmate Part 5" Bullock Szilagyi


Title Writer Artist Comments
"The Phantom" N/A N/A 1996 feature film, played by Catherine Zeta-Jones
"The Unknown Island" Fredericks Fredericks Mandrake the Magician daily story