Rose of Cairo

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Rose of Cairo
Rose of Cairo.jpg
First appearance: "The Rose of Cairo, Part 1"
Created by: Michael Tierres &
Hans Lindahl

Rose of Cairo is a belly dancer from Cairo.

Fictional character biography

Rose of Cairo is a belly dancer in Cairo who used to work at Café Cairo for the criminal overlord Mahmoud the Cruel. She acted as a contact person for Patrolman Roger Byrnes of the Jungle Patrol when he fled Morristown and came to Cairo to sell the Pandora’s Mask to Mahmoud. She drugged Byrnes as per orders but was subsequently abducted by Mahmoud’s lackey Ahmed. During the Phantom’s confrontation with Ahmed and Byrnes, she killed Ahmed and escaped with the receipt of the airport deposit box where the mask was hidden. She then decided to keep the mask for herself but was soon caught by Mahmoud’s men. During the face off between the Phantom and Mahmoud the Cruel, she takes advantage of the confusion and vanishes after stealing money from Mahmoud’s safe.


Team Fantomen stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"The Rose of Cairo, Part 1" Tierres Lindahl First appearance
"The Rose of Cairo, Part 2: Pandora's Box" Tierres Lindahl