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Robinson was a French popular weekly magazine edited by Paul Winkler, the man who created several successful comics magazines, such as "Le journal de Mickey", "Hop-Là !", "Donald" and directed the syndicated agency "Opera Mundi" which owned the rights, amongst others, to publish material from the American King Features Syndicate.

It was the first publication that featured Phantom Sunday stories in France (with story "The League of Lost Men" at the end of 1939). Released in a large format (27 x 36 cm), it was published to more than 450.000 by issue at its peak. The magazine was famous to have introduced in France many classical comics such as "Flash Gordon", "Mandrake the Magician", "Brick Bradford", and etc.


"Robinson" was published from 1936 to 1944, with a first period from Paris (until 1940, at the beginning of World War II /218 issues), after what it was continued in Marseille, at the time situated in what was called the "Free Zone" (91 issues more), the magazine being then associated with "Hop-Là !" and becoming "Robinson et Hop-Là! réunis" (translation : "Robinson and Hop-Là! together") published by the editor Hachette.

Issue overview (Phantom stories only)

Original story title Start issue End issue Comment
"The League of Lost Men" #181 (1939) #201 (1940)
"The Precious Cargo of Colonel Winn" #202 (1940) #216 (1940) incomplete
"The Fire Goddess" #234 (1941) #245 (1941) incomplete
"The Beachcomber" #246 (1941) #267 (1941)
"The Saboteurs" #268 (1941) #275 (1941) no more on front page but in smaller inside pagination
"The Return of the Sky Band" #276 (1941) #279 (1941) incomplete