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Ringerikes Blad is a Norwegian newspaper that published "The Phantom" daily strip from 1952 to 2006.


Ringerikes Blad published The Phantom daily strip over a period of 54 years until the series was removed in the new year of 2006. Despite numerous protests from readers, the decision was upheld; however, since the end of January 2006, the daily strips can be seen on an internet portal substitute of the newspaper called RingeriksAvisa (strips released within approximately one year and three months after the American original publishing).

Published stories

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Original story title Start date End date Comment
"The Viper God" ?, 2005 December 6, 2005
"The Locust God" December 7, 2005 January 3, 2006 interrupted after the strip of June 29, 2004


  • Last published story "The Locust God" is incomplete, last panel is from original daily strip from June 29, 2004.

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