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Portugal Press

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Portugal Press was a Portuguese publisher of comics.


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Phantom publications published by Portugal Press

Serialized "The Phantom" titles

Title Year(s) Issues
O Fantasma (Portugal Press) 1974 4

"The Phantom" one-shots

Title Year
Fantasma 1 (Coleção Herói) 1973

Anthology appearances

Title Year
Selecções Jornal do Cuto 1974
Grilo Colecção Completa 1976
Galo Colecção Completa 1977
Pantera Negra Colecção Completa 1978
Êxitos da TV 1979

As backup title

Title Issue(s)
Cangurú 1 (90 in total)
Tico 1 (12 in total)
Chico Zumba 5 (12 in total)
Jornal do Cuto 26 (174 in total)
Jornal do Cuto (Album) 7 (9 in total)
Grilo 63 (64 in total)
Pantera Negra 1 (10 in total)
Galo 1 (6 in total)
Êxitos da TV 1 (12 in total)