Patrolman Roger Byrnes

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Patrolman Roger Byrnes
Patrolman Roger Byrnes.jpg
First appearance: "The Rose of Cairo, Part 1"
Created by: Michael Tierres &
Hans Lindahl

Patrolman Roger Byrnes was a member of the Jungle Patrol.

Fictional character biography

Roger Byrnes was a patrolman in the Jungle Patrol. Along with Lieutenant Willy Sambale he was assigned to safely escort a priceless artefact, the Pandora’s Mask, from Morristown's archaeological museum to the airport for its return to the museum in USA from which it was on loan. En route to the Morristown Airport he killed Sambale and escaped with the mask to Cairo where he intended to sell it to Mahmoud the Cruel.

In Cairo, however, he was drugged by local belly dancer named Rose of Cairo who was the go-between for the deal. But both him and Rose of Cairo were waylaid by Mahmoud’s lackey Ahmed who got greedy and tried to obtain the Pandora’s Mask for himself.

The Phantom followed him to Cairo and tried to apprehend him. In the ensuing struggle Byrnes fell into a crocodile pit and died.


Team Fantomen stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"The Rose of Cairo, Part 1" Tierres Lindahl First appearance
"The Rose of Cairo, Part 2: Pandora's Box" Tierres Lindahl