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Paquito was a Mexican comic book published from 1935 to the end of the 1950s by Editorial Panamericana.


First series

Initially, the book featured a mix of comics in every issue. It quickly gained popularity and was published six days a week. Among the comics published in Paquito were "Superman", "Batman" (the first time these characters appeared in Mexico), "The Saint", "Brick Bradford", "Popeye" and "Felix the Cat".

When "The Phantom" began in Paquito, the stories were published in serialiazed form. Usually 2 – 4 pages in every issue, and in one issue per week. The Phantom rarely appeared on the covers of these issues.

Issue overview

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Second series

By the early 1950s, each issue featured only one comic strip (and it was sometimes called Paquito presenta on the cover). The numbering of Paquito also changed. Each comic strip was given a separate prefix (for example '100' for "The Phantom" and '110' for "Mandrake the Magician") followed by a separate sequential numbering. Hence, Paquito #10001 published in 1952 was the first Paquito issue dedicated solely to "The Phantom".

Issue overview