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Pacific Comics Club is an American comic publisher, founded by Tony Raiola after having moved to USA from Europe in 1975. Its specialized in comics from the American Golden Age, including The Phantom, Secret Agent X-9, Prince Valiant, Steve Canyon, Li'l Abner, Mandrake the Magician and several others.

Phantom books have been released at five occasions: 1976 - including five Italian publications translated back into English, 1977 - once again consisting of re-translated Italian books, 1992 - one all new book, 1993 - reprinting two books from the American Feature Books series, and most recently 1999-2000 - featuring reprints of four of the 1976 books, as well as four new books, also translated from Italian..

Issue overview

The 1976 series

The 1977 series

The 1992 series

The 1993 series

The 1999-2000 series