Operation Hades

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Operation Hades
Produced for: Fantomen 10/1996
# of pgs: 30
Writer: Claes Reimerthi
Artist: Carlos Cruz
Original colorist: Times Graphics Singapore
Producer: Semic Press

"Operation Hades" is a 1996 Team Fantomen story, written by Claes Reimerthi, with art by Carlos Cruz.

Plot summary

Former cabinet minister Luis Varga started a secret government research project to develop a biological weapon but this project was cancelled by then president Luaga. Current president Lubanga intends to restart the project but he needs to find Luaga to learn where the research took place.


Recurring characters

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Phantom lore

Behind the scenes

President Lubanga says that cabinet minister Luis Varga was working for him and that he knows all about "Operation Hades" except its location. In "Caught in the Crossfire" Lubanga knows nothing about "Operation Hades" except its name.

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