Mustanaamio Spesiaali

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See also the one-shot Mustanaamio Spesiaali.

Mustanaamio Spesiaali is a Finnish comic book dedicated to "The Phantom".


After the cancellation of the regular Mustanaamio magazine in November 2010, Egmont Kustannus replaced it with Mustanaamio Spesiaali in July 2011.

The issues are not actually numbered on the cover. The last number in the bar code shows the order of the issue that year. The publishing year is seen on the first inside cover.

The first issues from this series reprint contents of previously published Swedish Fantomen Krönika issues, but in 2013 the issues contained Team Fantomen stories that had not been published in Finland before.

The series was cancelled after three years and a total of fifteen issues.

Issue overview