Maude Thorne McPatrick

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Maude Thorne McPatrick
First appearance: "The Childhood
of the Phantom
Created by: Lee Falk & Wilson McCoy

Maude Thorne McPatrick (other versions of the maiden name include Thornton McPatrick, Thorn McPatrick, and Thorne) married the 20th Phantom and is the mother of the 21st Phantom.

Fictional Character Biography

According to the Newspaper strip

She and her father, dr. Thorne, were captured by the Rope People. The 20th Phantom managed to save her by proving to the Rope People that he really was the Phantom through conducting a number of amazing deeds that a previous Phantom had done. The Tree House

When she was to marry, she was kidnapped and the 20th Phantom had to free his bride from a prison by doing hard labour and thereby making a chain weaker and weaker until he could tear it apart. The Chain

She died sometime after Kit's 17th birthday. Kit stayed with the 20th Phantom until his father was killed. The Childhood of the Phantom

It has also been said that she died while her son was in college. The Beasts of Phantom Head Peak

According to Team Fantomen

She is from Wisconsin and the 20th Phantom met her for the first time when she was going to Hollywood to be a stand in for the actress Rita Hayworth, whom she bears a striking resemblance with.

Through some somewhat contradictionary events she came to marry in the spring of 1938 in time to hear of der Anschluss on the radio during their honeymoon. In 1939, their son, the 21st Phantom was born.

Oddly though, there are a couple of stories dated to 1938 in which the 20th Phantom is unmarried.[citation needed]

She died around 1956[citation needed] in the Skull Cave of an illness, with her son and her husband present. Her son had then reached the age of 17. Her tombstone reads "Maude Thornton-Walker 1916-1959". The 21st Phantom


Daily/Sunday stories

Title Writer Artist Set in Comments
"The Tree House" Falk Barry ?? unnamed daughter of Dr. Thorne, meets the 20th Phantom for the first time
"The Chain" Falk McCoy ?? as Maude, marries the 20th Phantom
"The Shaman" Falk Olesen, Williams ?? unnamed, birth of the 21st Phantom
"The Kimberly Diamonds" Falk Barry ?? unnamed
"The Childhood of the Phantom" Falk McCoy ?? unnamed, dies with her son by her side
"The Beasts of Phantom Head Peak" Falk Olesen, Williams ?? unnamed, mentioned that she died while her son was in college

Gold Key/King/Charlton stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"The Chain" Falk, Lignante Lignante remake

Team Fantomen stories

Title Writer Artist Set in Comments
"Plague Warning" Avenell Bade 19??
"Escape from Devil's Island" Granberg Bade 1936 mentioned only. Year is inconsistent with later versions of Maude's first meeting with the Phantom.
"The Hollywood Murders" DePaul Boix 1938
"The Spear of Destiny, Part 3" Raab Boix 1938?
"1943, Part 1" Rassy Saviuk 1943
"1943, Part 2" Rassy Saviuk 1943
"King Fatso" Moberg Felmang, Benny 1947
"The Test" Worker Leppänen 1956 It is set at the 17th birthday of The 21st Phantom who was born 1939 according to Team Fantomen

Frew stories

Title Writer Artist Set in Comments
"Inked in Blood, Part 1" Andersson Paulos 1953
"Inked in Blood, Part 2" Andersson Paulos 1953