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The American comic publisher Marvel Comics has produced three short series of comics featuring the Phantom - two based upon animated television series, and one about the 22nd Phantom.

Defenders of the Earth

# Title Writer Artist
1 "Defenders of the Earth" Lee, Harras Saviuk, Fredericks
2 "Creation" Higgins Saviuk, Fredericks
3 "Family Honor" Higgins Saviuk, Fredericks
4 "Magical Child" Higgins Saviuk, Fredericks

A fifth story was completely drawn by Saviuk & Fredericks, but never published because the title was cancelled.

A sixth story was at least partially finished by unidentified artists. This was intended as an inventory story to be used if the regular art team would be unable to finish a story on time.

The Phantom miniseries

# Title Writer Artist
1 "Called to Account" DeVries Lumsden
2 "Heart of Darkness" DeVries Lumsden
3 "Divine Legends" DeVries Lumsden

Phantom 2040

# Title Writer Artist
1 "Generation Unto Generation" Quinones Ditko, Reinhold
2 "Fighting Alone" Quinones Ditko, Reinhold
3 "Frozen Hatreds" Quinones Ditko, Reinhold
4 "Vision Quest" Quinones Ditko, Reinhold

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