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Mario Jannì is an Italian artist.


Jannì was born in Rome on 21 July 1943. In his youth, he took courses at the Art Institute of Syracuse and his career has began by drawing Italian Phantom stories for the publisher Fratelli Spada in the 1960s.

He later worked in various Italian comics, his best known collaboration being for "Nick Raider", a comics published by the Sergio Bonelli Editions. More recentely, he left comics for working in infographics at the Agenzia ANSA ("Agenzia Nazionale Stampa Associata"), the first Italian agency for information.

Phantom work by Mario Jannì


Fratelli Spada stories

# Original title Translated title Writer Artist
1 "La casa di bambù" "The House of Bamboo" ? Jannì
2 "Il raja di Galapore" "The Raja of Galapore" ? Jannì
3 "Un complesso d'inferiorita" "An Inferiority Complex" ? Jannì
4 "La regina di Galiput" "The Queen of Galiput" ? Jannì
5 "Il diamante di Kolahoore" "The Diamond from Kolahoore" ? Jannì