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First appearance: "War in the Jungle"
Created by: Lee Falk and Ray Moore

The Llongo are the second greatest tribe in the Bangalla jungle.

According to the newspaper strip



According to legend, Llongo was founded by a son of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. He had a two-headed jewel-encrusted golden bull that was originally given by his mother to his father. The tribe believes that either a two-headed bull Luck and Wealth or a two-headed gazelle The Curse of the Sacred Image makes them the luckiest tribe in the jungle - different stories tell different versions.

They are farmers and the tribe is best known for its legendary luck, though throughout history their relations with the Wambesi tribe have been troubled. For some reason, the Llongo people get sick if they eat cattle, and they therefore keep goats instead. The Snake Goddess

A long time chief was Llionto, the uncle of President Lamanda Luaga. The current chief is the young Queen of Llongo. The Phantom Lion

Another well known member of the tribe is Llionto's son Tom-Tom[citation needed], the best friend of the Phantom's foster son Rex.

Chiefs of the Llongo tribe include:

Name Contemporary to Comment
Tari The 21st Phantom War in the Jungle
Llionto The 21st Phantom
Queen of Llongo The 21st Phantom The Phantom Lion

According to Team Fantomen

The Llongo village lies on the Bengali river and the Llongo live off fishing, which they trade with the Wambesi. Fish War

Its chief is Llionto. Fish War