Lennart Hartler

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Lennart Hartler
Biographical information
Born: November 19, 1936
Died: N/A
Nationality: Mini sweden.gif Swedish
Occupation: Writer, Editorial staff
Website: N/A

Lennart Hartler was the tenth editor-in-chief of Fantomen 1969–1972, and has written some stories for Team Fantomen.


Hartler succeeded Per-Anders Jonsson as the editor in 1969. His first issue was during 1969 and his last during 1972, then he was succeeded by Per-Anders Jonsson who came back for a second term as editor.

Phantom work by Lennart Hartler


Team Fantomen stories

# Title Writer Artist
1 "The Girl Without Memory" Falk, Hartler Eralp ¤
2 "The Thousand Tigers" Hartler, Magnusson Vallvé ¤
3 "The Counterfeit Gang" Hartler Wilhelmsson ¤

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