L'Homme Masqué Fantôme du Bengale

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L'Homme Masqué Fantôme du Bengale is a French Phantom pocket book publication dedicated to the Phantom.


L'homme masqué Fantôme du Bengale was published bimonthly from November 1983 to September 1984 with a total of 6 small format issues printed in black and white. The series was released by the Parisian publisher Greantori, known in the eighties for publishing comics inspired from French and American cartoons as well for some reprints of stories previously published in Italy for classical comics characters such as Flash Gordon and Popeye.

These issues were translations of some of the German Bastei pocket publications, the cover illustrations being badly retouched and/or recoloured. The stories were from Fratelli Spada and Bastei.

These poorly drawn covers as well as the lack of inside coloured pages made the Greantori Phantom releases rather unattractive, a reason of their unsuccess. The series was also released shortly after the last Editions des Remparts publications and didn't compare favorably with the good memories still left in the readers minds. One positive side however, was that each issue offered three or four stories instead of only one story as usual released by others editors.

Only six issues were published. Unsold copies were later glued together with a new outer cover and sold as two "albums" containing the first four issues (with the original covers removed, unlike most "album" collections of French Phantom comics).

It is noteworthy that the expression L'homme masqué (The Masked Man) was never used before in France for the Phantom, while the other part of the title Fantôme du Bengale (The Phantom of the Bengal) is traditional in the country. The specific choice of the words L'homme masqué was possibly a translation of the Italian name L'uomo mascherato.

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