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This is a list of stories created by Gold Key Comics, King Comics and Charlton Comics between 1962 and 1977, and foremost published in The Phantom.

Gold Key Comics

# Title Writer Artist
1 "The Game" Falk, Harris Lignante
2 "The Rattle" Falk, Harris Lignante
3 "The Test" Falk, Harris Lignante
4 "The Diamond Cup" Falk, Harris Lignante
5 "The Crybaby" Falk, Harris Lignante
6 "Oogooru" Falk, Harris Lignante
7 "The Goggle-Eye Pirates" Falk, Harris Lignante
8 "The Swamp Rats" Falk, Harris Lignante
9 "The Phantom's Boyhood" Falk, Harris Lignante
10 "The Lady from Nowhere" Falk, Harris Lignante
11 "The Phantom's Boyhood: Diana" Falk, Harris Lignante
12 "The Super Apes" Falk, Harris Lignante
13 "The Phantom's Boyhood: School" Falk, Harris Lignante
14 "The Belt" Falk, Harris Lignante
15 "The Sixth Man" Falk, Harris Lignante
16 "The Sleeping Giant" Falk, Harris Lignante
17 "Blind Man's Bluff" Lignante Lignante
18 "The Beast of Bengali" Lignante Lignante
19 "The Phantom Chronicles" Lignante Lignante
20 "The Historian" Falk, Lignante Lignante
21 "Grandpa" Falk, Lignante Lignante
22 "The River Pirates" Falk, Lignante Lignante
23 "The Tournament" Falk, Lignante Lignante
24 "The Chain" Falk, Lignante Lignante
25 "The Crescent Cult" Falk, Lignante Lignante
26 "Samaris" Falk, Lignante Lignante

King Comics

# Title Writer Artist
27 "The Treasure of the Skull Cave" Falk, Wood Lignante
28 "SOS Phantom" ? Lignante
29 "The Astronaut and the Pirates" Falk, Harris Lignante
30 "The Masked Emissary" Falk, Harris Lignante
31 "The Pirate Raiders" ? Lignante
32 "The Adventures of the Girl Phantom" Wood? Lignante
33 "The Invisible Demon" Harris Lignante
34 "The Magic Ivory Cage" ? Lignante
35 "The Treasure of Bengali Bay" Harris Lignante
36 "The Terror Tiger" Harris Lignante
37 "The Girl Phantom" ? Lignante
38 "The Secret of Magic Mountain" Harris Lignante
39 "Delilah" Harris Lignante
40 "The Riddle of the Witch" Fortunato Lignante
41 "The Lost City of Yiango" Harris Lignante
42 "The Pearl Raiders" Harris Lignante
43 "The Story of Hero" Harris Lignante
44 "Diana's Deadly Tour" Harris Lignante
45 "The Big Fight" Harris Lignante

Charlton Comics

# Title Writer Artist
46 "The Secret of the Golden Ransom" ? Trapani (?)
47 "The Living Legend" ? ?
48 "The Phantom of Shang-Ri-La" Wood Aparo
49 "The Pharaoh Phantom" Wood Aparo
50 "The Curse of Kallai" Wood Boyette, Alascia
51 "The Phantom's Death" Arneson Aparo
52 "The Cliff Kingdom" Arneson Aparo
53 "The Giant Ape of Tawth" Arneson Aparo
54 "The Ghost Tribe" Harris Lignante
55 "The River That Never Ends" Di Pluhm Aparo
56 "Very Special Timber" Di Pluhm Aparo
57 "Bandar Betrayers" Di Pluhm Aparo
58 "Skyjack" Di Pluhm Aparo
59 "Disband the Patrol" Di Pluhm Aparo
60 "The Dying Ground" Di Pluhm Aparo
61 "The Phantom's New Faith" Di Pluhm Aparo
62 "The Trap" Di Pluhm Aparo
63 "A Small War" Gill Boyette
64 "Canyon of Death" Gill Boyette
65 "The Silent Thieves" Gill Boyette
66 "The Ritual" Gill Boyette
67 "The False Mark" Gill Boyette
68 "The Second Phantom" Gill Boyette
69 "Slave of Beauty" Gill Boyette
70 "The Idol" Gill Boyette
71 "Deadly Foe" Gill Boyette
72 "The Keeper of the Herd" Gill Boyette
73 "Who Needs Enemies?" Gill Boyette
74 "Prey of the Hunter" Gill Boyette
75 "Test of an Idol" Gill Boyette
76 "Paid in Full" Gill Boyette
77 "The Rain Stopper" Gill Boyette
78 "To Right a Wrong" Gill Boyette
79 "Danger in Bengali" Gill Boyette
80 "Death from Far Away" Gill Boyette
81 "Return of the Ruby" Gill Boyette
82 "Phantom and John Paul Jones" Gill Boyette
83 "The Cave of Kings" Gill Boyette
84 "The Last of the Cat" Gill Boyette
85 "The Vanishing Thieves" Gill Boyette
86 "Nest of the Man-Eaters" Gill Boyette
87 "The False Skull Cave" Gill Boyette
88 "Soundless Voices" Gill Boyette
89 "The Vapors of Vulcan" Gill Boyette
90 "The Man of Destiny" Gill Boyette
91 "The Hostage" Gill Boyette
92 "A Better Way" Gill Boyette
93 "The Intruders" Gill Boyette
94 "The Fire Gods" Gill Boyette
95 "No Gratitude" Gill Boyette
96 "The Lost Legion" Gill Boyette
97 "A Broken Vow" Gill Boyette
98 "Captive King" Gill Boyette
99 "The Treasure Room" Gill Boyette
100 "Lost in the Land of the Lost" Gill Boyette
101 "A World Away" Gill Boyette
102 "Revenge of the Singh Pirates" Gill Boyette
103 "The Looters" Gill Boyette
104 "The Phantom Meets the Do-Gooders" Gill Boyette
105 "The Outlaw's Herd" Gill Boyette
106 "Killers in the Mist" Gill Boyette
107 "The Angry Gods" Gill Boyette
108 "Master of Evil" Gill Boyette
109 "The Black Blight" Gill Boyette
110 "A Far-Off Drum" Gill Boyette
111 "A Thief in the Night" Gill Boyette
112 "Jungle Madness" Gill Boyette
113 "The Nazi Phantom" Gill Boyette
114 "The Chief Who Went Astray" Gill Boyette
115 "The Phantom Fails" Gill Boyette
116 "Taking His Medicine" Gill Boyette
117 "The Swamp of Death" Gill Boyette
118 "Diana's Ransom" Gill Boyette
119 "Prisoner on Shark Island" Gill Boyette
120 "The Despoilers" Gill Boyette
121 "Caught in the Devil's Cauldron" Gill Boyette
122 "Duel with Death" Gill Bolle
123 "The Web of Fear" Gill Bolle
124 "Goldbeard the Pirate" Gill Sherwood
125 "Triumph of Evil" Gill Newton
126 "The Beasts of Madame Kahn" Cuti Newton
127 "The Shining City" Gill Recreo
128 "The Mystery of the Mali Ibex" Pearson Newton
129 "Battles the Monster of Zanadar" Clark Newton
130 "Man in the Shadows" Gill Sherwood
131 "The Torch" Parillo Newton
132 "The Phantom of 1776" Newton Newton

Additional stories

In addition to the main stories, some short stories of one to two pages were created to serve as introductions to elements of the Phantom myth. They were all produced during the Gold Key years.

# Title Writer Artist
1 "The Origin" Harris Lignante
2 "Rings" Harris Lignante
3 "The Patrol" Harris Lignante
4 "The Skull Cave" ? Certa
5 "The Champ" ? Lignante
6 "The Milk Drinker" ? Lignante
7 "The Diggers" ? Lignante
8 "Diana" ? Lignante
9 "The Waterfall" ? Lignante
10 "The Bandar" ? Lignante

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