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Produced for: Fantomen 25/1985
# of pgs: 34
Writer: Norman Worker
Artist: Georges Bess
Original colorist: N/A
Producer: Semic Press

"Julie" is a 1985 Team Fantomen story, written by Norman Worker, with art by Georges Bess.

Plot summary

The 21st Phantom shows an old microscope to Rex and a friend. Old man Moz tells them the story of how the microscope came to the Skull Cave.

Julie was the twin sister of the 17th Phantom. She married a French doctor, Paul Colbert, but after his death she moved to Paris, France in 1885 to study to become a medical doctor. She graduated in 1886 and returned to Bengali.

When Julie returns to Morristown she hears the news of how cattle are dying in an epidemic but in the jungle it is believed that the cause is evil spirits. She travels by boat up the river to a trading post run by two brothers, Aud and Sleeth Grealey. She helps a young boy who wish to return a moth-eaten roll of fabric. Back at the mission she hears how an anthrax epidemic is killing cattle and that the Wambesi has asked for help from the witch doctor Gargol.

The next day she rides to the Skull Cave but her brother is away on Phantom business in the north. She put on her Phantom costume and ride to the Wambesi. In the Wambesi village Gargol the witch doctor demands a human sacrifice to appease the angry gods when he is interrupted by a very slim and curvy Phantom. She convinces the chief that the cause is anthrax bacteria and inoculates their cattle with a vaccine.

Leaving the Wambesi village, Julie stops in the jungle for a bath in the nude. The witch doctor Gargol has followed her and is shocked to learn that the Phantom is a woman. With the help of the Grealey brothers Julie is kidnapped and the flying men of the Matonga take her away to their village in the Misty Mountains.

When the 17th Phantom returns to the Skull cave he learns how Julie went to the Wambesi village three days earlier. At the mission he meets young Rollo who believe that she has been kidnapped by the Greasley brothers, on orders from Gargol. The Phantom finds the brothers in Bengalitown and they soon make a full confession. The Phantom rides north to the Misty Mountains to find his sister in the Matonga village where she is treating the chief's son who has been bitted by a wolf. In the village also lives a strange French inventor, Emile Dorbay, who has invented wings that the men of the village use to make short flights. He also manufactures a drug that the village sell to the medicine men of the jungle. His major invention though is a flying machine that is ready for its first flight. After a very short flight Dorbay crash with his flying machine and the Phantom and Julie escape from the village each with a set of wings.

Two days later in the Wambesi village Gargol demands gold and diamonds to not make their cattle die from the plague. Instead Julie (out of the Phantom costume) shows up. Gargol loudly reveals to the village that the Phantom is a woman but Julie's brother in his Phantom costume makes him leave the village.

Julie continued to live in the mission and practised as a doctor. She spent the last years of her life in the Skull cave where she is buried.


Recurring characters

One-time characters

  • Gargol
  • Aud Grealey
  • Sleeth Grealey
  • Rollo
  • Wambonga, chief of Wambesi
  • Emile Dorbay
  • Captain Romero of the Jungle Patrol
  • Andre
  • Joseph Meister
  • Mandaka, chief of the Matonga
  • Matahanga, chief of the Matonga in 1812

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