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Johnny was a French magazine which has tried to relaunch, in 1970, the kind of large format comics magazines which was popular from 1936 to 1940.


Like the latters, but in a more quality paper, it presented classicals comics such as "Brick Bradford", "Tim Tyler's Luck", "Johnny Hazard", "Agent secret X9", "Prince Valiant", "The Lone Ranger", accompanied of some more recent French and American comics strips.

Unfortunately, it didn't follow the same sucess and ended with only seven issues out.

It was named from a popular French singer, Johnny Hallyday, and presented a comic ("Hud le spécialiste") inspired from one western style movie, released at the time, in which he was an actor.

"The Phantom" was featured from issue #1 (April 5, 1970) to issue #6 (July 1, 1970) with the beginning of the sunday pages story "The Astronaut and the Pirates" by Lee Falk and Sy Barry.

Issue overview