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Jaime Vallvé

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Jaime Vallvé
Biographical information
Born: 1928
Died: October 15, 2000
Nationality: Mini spain.gif Spanish
Occupation: Artist, Cover artist, Writer
Website: N/A
Winner.jpg Best Story (Sweden) Winner.jpg

1981: "The Legend of the Swords, Part 1: Excalibur"
Winner.jpg Best Story (Norway) Winner.jpg
1984: "Hero"
1985: "Pirates of the Yellow Snake"
Winner.jpg Best Story (Finland) Winner.jpg
1985: "The Prisoner at Capitolium"
1986: "The Moor of Death"
Winner.jpg Best Fantomen cover Winner.jpg
1976, 1977, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1984, 1985, 1987
Winner.jpg Best Fantomet cover Winner.jpg
1977, 1981
Winner.jpg Best Mustanaamio cover Winner.jpg
1984, 1985
Winner.jpg Best Fantomet (Denmark) cover Winner.jpg
1978, 1979

Santiago Jaime Vallvé Peralta (1928–2000), a spanish artist who lived in Denmark.


Vallvé made his debute in Fantomen during 1972 and his style soon became very liked by the readers. In the late 1970's and during the 1980's Vallvé became foremost an artist of Team Fantomen stories set in the past. In 1996, Vallvé drew his 116th and last adventure.

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Phantom work by Jaime Vallvé


Team Fantomen stories

# Title Writer Artist
1 "The Dead River" Knutsson Vallvé
2 "The Ghost on Tamba Lake" Lundström Vallvé ¤
3 "The Slaves" Knutsson Vallvé
4 "The Thousand Tigers" Hartler, Magnusson Vallvé ¤
5 "Return of the Ghost" Lundström Vallvé
6 "The Diamond War" Knutsson Vallvé ¤
7 "Diana in the Jungle Patrol" Knutsson Vallvé
8 "The Man with the White Mask" Lundström Vallvé
9 "The Pirates Prisoner" Lundström Vallvé
10 "Portrait of a Ghost" Lundström Vallvé
11 "The Prophecy of the Kaldéers" Lundström Vallvé
12 "The Snake Girl" Lundström Vallvé ¤
13 "Zombie" Lundström Vallvé ¤
14 "The Milk Drinker" Lundström Vallvé
15 "The Parasite" Lundström Vallvé ¤
16 "Mutiny" Lundström Vallvé ¤
17 "The Demon Mask" Lundström Vallvé ¤
18 "The Prisoner in Venice" Lundström, Vallvé Vallvé ¤
19 "Treasure of the Yoga Men" Granberg, Lundström Vallvé ¤
20 "Secret of the Swamp" Lundström Vallvé
21 "The Prisoner in Marrakech" Lundström Vallvé
22 "Sir Phantom - Knight of the Round Table" Vallvé, Granberg Vallvé
23 "The Treasure Hunt" Lundström Vallvé ¤
24 "The Vampire in Carpatia" Vallvé, Granberg Vallvé ¤
25 "The Wolfman" Lundström Vallvé
26 "Treasure of the Aztecs" Vallvé, Granberg Vallvé
27 "The Avenger" Lundström Vallvé
28 "Son of the Desert" Vallvé, Granberg Vallvé
29 "The Mummy's Curse" Lundström Vallvé
30 "Vultures Over Vacul" Bull Vallvé
31 "Death in the Sky" Granberg Vallvé
32 "On Forbidden Land" Lundström Vallvé ¤
33 "The Kali Sect" Bull Vallvé
34 "The Ring" Granberg Vallvé
35 "The Ghost Pirates" Worker Vallvé
36 "Seaman Walker" Andersson, Granberg Vallvé ¤
37 "The Mona Lisa Caper" Worker Vallvé
38 "Mystery in Rome" Granberg Vallvé
39 "Dangerous Vacation" Vallvé, Granberg Vallvé ¤
40 "Hostage of the Singh Pirates" Vallvé, Granberg Vallvé
41 "Evil Forces" Worker Vallvé
42 "The Golden Mannequins" Vallvé, Granberg Vallvé ¤
43 "The Art Collector" Avenell Vallvé
44 "The Escape from the Bastille" Worker Vallvé ¤
45 "The Truck Pirates" Worker Vallvé ¤
46 "Dangerous Inheritance" Vallvé, Granberg Vallvé ¤
47 "The Russian Chess Game" Avenell Vallvé ¤
48 "The Airplane Pirates" Worker Vallvé ¤
49 "The Ambassador" Granberg Vallvé
50 "The Dangerous Portrait" Vallvé, Granberg Vallvé
51 "Sir Thomas' Revenge" Granberg Vallvé ¤
52 "The Orient Express, Part 1" Worker Vallvé
53 "The Orient Express, Part 2" Worker Vallvé
54 "The Gold of the Incas" Worker Vallvé ¤
55 "The Emperor's Treasure" Granberg Vallvé
56 "The Legend of the Swords, Part 1: Excalibur" Worker Vallvé
57 "The Legend of the Swords, Part 2: Durandal" Worker Vallvé
58 "Vasti Riba" Kharelli Vallvé ¤
59 "The Tulip Swindle" Worker Vallvé ¤
60 "Diana Abducted" Kharelli Vallvé ¤
61 "The Murderer" Vallvé, Granberg Vallvé
62 "Secret of the Satellite" Worker Vallvé ¤
63 "The Child Farm" Darell Vallvé ¤
64 "The Mask of Death" Granberg Vallvé
65 "The Leopard Cult" Worker Vallvé ¤
66 "The Dagger" Darell Vallvé ¤
67 "Hero" Avenell Vallvé ¤
68 "Pirates of the Yellow Snake" Worker Vallvé
69 "The Treasure of the Barracuda" Worker Vallvé ¤
70 "The Secret" Avenell Vallvé ¤
71 "Gold Fever, Part 1" Tierres Vallvé ¤
72 "Gold Fever, Part 2" Tierres Vallvé ¤
73 "Plague Infected" Worker Vallvé ¤
74 "The Tiger God" Darell Vallvé ¤
75 "The Treasure in the Castle" Kharelli Vallvé ¤
76 "The Prisoner at Capitolium" Kharelli Vallvé ¤
77 "The Carnival of Death" Tierres Vallvé ¤
78 "The Coffin from Bombay" Tierres Vallvé ¤
79 "Shamur's Eye" Tierres Vallvé ¤
80 "Secret of the Coin" Darell Vallvé ¤
81 "The Moor of Death" Tierres Vallvé ¤
82 "Treasure of the Scythians" Worker Vallvé ¤
83 "Deadly Infection" Tierres Vallvé
84 "Secret of the Volcano" Avenell Vallvé ¤
85 "The Venetian Ghost" Tierres Vallvé ¤
86 "The Prisoner Who didn't Exist" Tierres Vallvé
87 "The Blood Night" Tierres Vallvé ¤
88 "Diamond Fever" Avenell Vallvé
89 "Gandor's Revenge" Worker Vallvé ¤
90 "Jamaica Jack's Treasure" Tierres Vallvé ¤
91 "The Minotaurus Cult" Tierres Vallvé ¤
92 "Sting" Avenell Vallvé ¤
93 "The Hunchback" Tierres Vallvé
94 "The Mysterious Prisoner" Tierres Vallvé
95 "Death's Hour" Tierres Vallvé
96 "The Demon" Worker Vallvé
97 "Night of the Jesters" Tierres Vallvé ¤
98 "The Demon in the Tower" Tierres Vallvé ¤
99 "Lotosi's Treasure" Avenell Vallvé ¤
100 "Crimescene Manhattan" Worker Vallvé ¤
101 "Death in the Depth" Tierres Vallvé ¤
102 "The Golden Beetle" Årnes Vallvé ¤
103 "The Devil's Cauldron" Tierres Vallvé ¤
104 "The Witch" Worker Vallvé ¤
105 "From the Other Side of the Grave" Tierres Vallvé ¤
106 "The Mark of Death" Tierres Vallvé ¤
107 "The Devil's Drug" Årnes Vallvé ¤
108 "In the Shadow of Death" Tierres Vallvé ¤
109 "Island of the Eternal Mist" Worker Vallvé ¤
110 "The Island of the Living Dead" Goodall Vallvé ¤
111 "Death in Venice" Tierres Vallvé ¤
112 "City of the Priest King" Worker Vallvé ¤
113 "Kingdom of the Pirates" Worker Vallvé ¤
114 "Kidnapping" Schröder Nagy, Vallvé ¤
115 "Struggle for Freedom" DePaul Moberg, Vallvé
116 "The Jungle Sayings: The Strength of Ten Tigers" Worker Vallvé ¤


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Fantomen covers

For a gallery of Vallvé's covers, see: Jaime Vallvé Fantomen covers

Other covers

Christmas cards