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Harvey Hits was an American comic book series, published by Harvey Comics between September 1957 and November 1967 with a total of 122 issues. It must not be confused with a previous series also published by the same editor and entitled "Harvey Comics Hits" (which included two Phantom issues) or with one of its following ones entitled "Harvey Hits Comics".

The series began with one issue devoted to the Phantom in September 1957 who also appeared in seven other issues. In each issue of 36 pages, several characters were featured with however one of them more important than the others.

The series mainly featured "humor characters" in titles like "Little Sad Sack", "Gabby Gob", "G.I.Juniors", "Wendy", "Richie Rich", and etc. Strangely enough, the Phantom was the only one "adventure character" featured in the whole series with reprints of dailies and Sundays pages strips stories. Two story titles were slightly changed from their official and/or original titles.

The Phantom appeared in 8 issues in total.

Harvey Hits (Phantom issues only)