Hahmad Singh

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Hahmad Singh
First appearance: "Dogai - The Road to Power"
Created by: Claes Reimerthi &
Hans Lindahl

Hahmad Singh was a powerful member of the Singh Brotherhood.

Fictional Biography

Hahmad Singh is a cousin of Ahmed Singh and the five years older brother of Dogai Singh. Hahmad and Dogai were raised in a jungle palace by Lord Anwar Sahak. When Hahmad was 16, he left to be a Singh pirate.

Hahmad and Ahmed were once regarded as the most likely successors to Kabai Singh. A fight for power and leadership arose between Ahmed and Hahmad, following Sala's murder of Kabai Singh. As a strategic move, Ahmed approached Hahmad's younger brother, Dogai, proposing him to betray Hahmad. In return Ahmed promised to appoint Dogai his second-in-command, although secretly planning to have him killed as soon as Hahmad is out of the way.

However, Dogai was eventually able to defeat both of them, gassing Ahmed to death and incarcerating Hahmad, thereby gaining full control of the Brotherhood.

It was later revealed that Hahmad had two unknown sons, the half brothers Rahak Singh and Rulah Singh.


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Team Fantomen stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"Dogai - The Road to Power" Reimerthi Lindahl
"The New Leader" Reimerthi Lindahl
"Singh War, Part 1: The Flying Dutchman" Reimerthi Spadari mentioned
"Singh War, Part 2: Rodiagate" Reimerthi Bade mentioned
"The Fight Against Singh, Part 4: A Family Affair" Reimerthi Ordon mentioned