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First appearance: "Invisible Children Part 1"
Created by: Mike Bullock &
Silvestre Szilagyi

HIM is a Ugandan warlord.

Fictional Character Biography

HIM (real name Joseph, last name not revealed) is a former Ugandan warlord who used superstition to be in control of his troops. He created his own religion which incorporated parts of the Wasaka legend of Kua which is also the basis of the Phantom legend and costume.

The Phantom defeated HIM and freed the children that were used as soldiers in HIM's army.

After being defeated by the Phantom, HIM was placed in a sanitarium. HIM's former lover Anna Bacia took control of his troops in his absence. It was later revealed that HIM's operation had been funded by the Singh Brotherhood.

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Behind the scenes

HIM is explicitly based on the real life Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony.


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Moonstone stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"Forgotten" Bullock Szilagyi mentioned only
"Invisible Children Part 1" Bullock Szilagyi first apperance
"Invisible Children Part 2" Bullock Szilagyi
"Invisible Children Part 3" Bullock Szilagyi
"Checkmate Part 1" Bullock Szilagyi mentioned only