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Héroes Modernos, Serie A: El Hombre Enmascarado

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Héroes Modernos, Serie A, El Hombre Enmascarado was a Spanish publication dedicated to "The Phantom".


It was published in 1963 and 1964. A total of 75 issues were weekly published in Spain by "Editorial Dólar" and was the successor to two series previously released by the same editor, namely "Héroes Modernos: El Hombre Enmascarado" (1958-1959) and "Héroes Modernos, Serie 0: El Hombre Enmascarado" (1960). However, and unlike these two previous series, only works by Wilson McCoy and Sy Barry were featured in the 1963-1964 series as it feature any story drawn by Ray Moore. It featured dailies as well as Sunday pages stories. It was the first serialized Spanish publication to offer to the readers the "more modern" work of the Phantom created by Sy Barry.

Serie A: El Hombre Enmascarado was accompanied, at the same time, by two others series - the serie B entirely devoted to "Flash Gordon" and the serie C devoted to various comics classics such as "Mandrake the Magician","Flash Gordon", "Ben Bolt", "Dr.Kildare", "Prince Valiant", "Rip Kirby","Secret Agent X-9", "Tim Tyler's Luck".

Printed in an oblong format (21 x 29 cm) with 20 pages in black and white, all the 75 issues of series were collected in 1965 in one separate album of more than 1200 pages in which the original covers were however omitted.

In 1970, all 75 issues were collected in fifteen Biblioteca Eterna albums.

It should be noted that with issue Serie B: Flash Gordon #37B, the back cover reproduced one Sunday page in color by Sy Barry, from another story than the one illustrated inside, the continuity of this Sunday pages story running alternatively from backs covers in the series A to the back covers of the series B and C, a commercial way to get readers in buying all the issues from the three different series if the wanted read the full Sunday pages story.

Issue overview

Serie A

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Serie B

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Serie C

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Biblioteca Eterna

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