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Produced for: The Phantom #16 (2007)
# of pgs: 22
Writer: Mike Bullock
Artist: Silvestre Szilagyi
Original colorist: Bob Pedroza
Producer: Moonstone Books

"Forgotten" is a 2007 Moonstone Books Phantom story by Mike Bullock and Silvestre Szilagyi.

Plot summary

The story begins with a re-telling of how the hunter Carlyle saves the Phantom in 1856, and is given the good mark in return. Another flash-back shows how Carlyle's grandson Tony was saved from the Omgali headhunters by the Phantom in 1956, thanks to the good mark which had been passed unto him.

In present day, Angela Carlyle is the current heir to the Carlyle fortune, but she spends her time in the jungles of Bangalla. Angela cannot reconcile with the fact that her family's fortune is based on hunting and exploitation of wild animals, and works as a volunteer in a children's hospital. In the hospital, she hears about "HIM", a warlord from Uganda who kidnaps children that he can use as child soldiers in his army.

While visiting a jungle village, Angela learns that Him claims to be God of a religion that is based on Christiany but is also implied to have connections to Kua, the ancient Wasaka demon god. Angela however, is "protected" since she carries the mark of the Phantom.

Angela travels to the Deep Woods in search of the Phantom, but her guide turns out to be a traitor that has led her to a group of slavers. She barely escapes, only to find herself hunted by native warriors. In the last second, she is rescued by the Phantom, who understands the natives' language and realizes they were only trying to protect her.

After hearing Angela's story about Him, the Phantom decides to travel to Uganda.

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