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Flame (story)

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Produced for: Piratbruden Flame
# of pgs: 44
Writer: Norman Worker
Artist: Georges Bessis
Original colorist: unknown
Producer: Semic Press

Flame, is a 1980 Team Fantomen story, written by Norman Worker, with art by Georges Bessis.

It was the first Team Fantomen story that was originally published in color.

Plot summary

President Lamanda Luaga is tired and takes a vacation in the jungle with the Phantom. At Keela-Wee, Luaga discover a coin in the sand, the Phantom tells him that slave hunters landed there in 1717 and probably dropped it then. Back in the Skull Cave, Rex has heard from Luaga that the Phantom will tell the story.

In 1717, the main village of the Llongo tribe was located just behind Keela-Wee. At the time, old Mandanga was the chief, though at this point, he and his warriors were out hunting, and therefore, the village was quite unprotected. When he finally arrived back, it was too late. Among those captured were Sula, Mandanga's son and the one supposed to take over after him. The 9th Phantom also arrived too late, but got the ship's name, "Barracuda". He promises Mandanga that he will take back those captured.

One week later in Moribar, he discovers that "Barracuda" is owned by a person named Orson Duval, living in Jamaica. He immediately gets a ship, traveling the very same evening.

Twelve weeks later, he arrives to Kingston at Jamaica. He has an introduction letter in his hand to a man who quickly introduces him to some old friends, everyone hating Duval. He also hears that a person has claimed to be the Phantom and attempted freeing slaves, though got captured and was due to be hanged the next morning. The real Phantom suggests that they start with saving the guy.

The next morning, they make a quite remarkable rescue and also take "Barracuda" and sail away. The impostor Phantom turns out to be Flame Stanbury, daughter of Sir James Stanbury, the guvernor of Jamaica, currently imprisoned by Duval and Tusker, the commendant of the British troops, who now are the true masters of Jamaica. The Phantom teaches Flame a lesson with the sword and then dismisses her to a quarter.

The Phantom is then elected chief of the band and then reveal that he is the real Phantom.

He introduces himself to Flame, and she is very surprised but explain her story of what had happen and how she knew about the Phantom. Flame the suggest that they amass all their supporters and sorm the fortress, the Phantom refuses, since that would color the streets red of blood. Flame is upset and escapes from the ship.

The Phantom and a man named Clegg go after her since she has been betrayed by one of their own gang who actually is working for Duval. When the Phantom and Clegg finally finds her, the troops are just going to capture her and the Phantom and Clegg split, the Phantom takes Flame with him and together they are chased by the British troops. The chase is ended when they dive off a cliff twenty meters or so down to the water and then swims to "Barracuda".

When Clegg return, he has an other guy with him who informs the party of that Duval has declared, that two prisoners will be hanged every day until the Phantom is captured, one of the first will be Sir James.

The Phantom then makes up a plan to take the fortress when the guards are buzzy, looking at a festival parade that is held every year. While the guards are watching the parade, the Phantom and his men enter the fortress wall and then knocks out everyone before the start patroling again.

They free Sir James and Sula, however, Flame goes for Duval and tries to duel with him, though the Phantom intercepts and start with a new duel, which he easily wins.

Four days after his arrival, the Phantom has completed his mission.

When they are leaving, Flame hide herself at "Barracuda", thereby "forces" the Phantom to "abduct her", and therefore he has to marry her. The Phantom, though has wanted her as wife from the very first moment he saw her, but did not feel that he could as her to live his life.

They are married in the Skull Cave.


Recurring characters

One-time characters

  • Miss Jacanda
  • Mandanga of Llongo
  • Mr. Soames
  • Dan Stockwell
  • Orson Duval
  • Colonel Tusker
  • Clegg
  • Mipps
  • Luana
  • Dark Pew
  • Beppo
  • Jason
  • Giuseppe
  • Harry




  • Barracuda
  • African Star

Behind the scenes

  • The real governor of Jamaica at the time was Peter Heywood (the story has it that it was Sir James Stanbury), who was governor 1716–18.

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