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Five Days of the Dragon Chapter 5

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Five Days of the Dragon Chapter 5
Produced for: The Phantom Annual #1 (2007)
# of pgs: 10
Writer: Mike Bullock
Artist: Juan Ferreyra
Original colorist: Juan Ferreyra
Producer: Moonstone Books

"Five Days of the Dragon Chapter 5" is a 2007 Moonstone Phantom story by Mike Bullock and Juan Ferreyra.

Plot summary

The story takes place in present day, during the days of the 21st Phantom.

After his ancestors have gathered four pieces of the Jade dragon (see "Five Days of the Dragon Chapter 1"), the Phantom has been contacted by the antiquities dealer Jin Zhongyi who claims to have the fifth piece.

The Phantom sneaks on board her ship, off the coast of Alexandria, Egypt, the day before their meeting is supposed to take place. After showing the four pieces, the Phantom is surprised by Temur Singh, the leader of the Singh Brotherhood. Temur assembles the Jade dragon; a storm is unleashed and reveals a mystical dragon. In the chaos that follows, the Phantom manages to break free and take back the Jade dragon, but he is shot by Temur Singh and falls over board. Temur Singh is washed ashore in Alexandria and believes he has killed the Phantom. However, the Phantom is back in the Skull Cave resting after being shot in the shoulder and with the five pieces of the Jade dragon in safety.


  • It is not revealed how Jin Zhongyi contacted the Phantom, nor how she knew that he was in possession of four pieces of the Jade dragon or how she knew that the Phantom even exists.
  • This story is the first appearance of Temur Singh, the leader of the Singh Brotherhood in the Moonstone stories.
  • Guran appears in this story as he did in the 1996 Phantom film, i.e. as a young servant and not as Chief of the Bandar. It is the only time that Guran has been portrayed this way in a comic story.

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