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Feature Books was an American comic book series, published by the David McKay Publications company from 1937 to 1948 with a total of 59 issues.


Several now classical comics were featured in the Feature Books series – such as "Blondie", "Mandrake the Magician", "Secret Agent X-9", "The Katzenjammer Kids","Rip Kirby", "Dick Tracy", "Perry Mason" etc.

The first part of the series (25 issues) was published in a larger size than the later standard comic books presentation when the second part received what is becoming usual comic books format.

In comics history, the main contribution of the series has been to reprint popular newspaper strips in issues that were devoted to only one character when, at the time, similar publications always included different comic characters in each issue. This specific presentation can be considered as the transition between comic strips and definitive comic books.

Six issues featuring the Phantom were published: the first two in black & white, #20 and #22, and the following ones - #39, #53, #56, and #57 – in color, all reprinted newspaper dailies. The titles of the stories were different from the original dailies.

In 1993, two of the Feature Books issues featuring The Phantom – issues #20 and #22 – were released as facsimile reprints by Pacific Comics Club.

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