Fateful Meeting

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Fateful Meeting
Fateful Meeting.jpg
Produced for: Fantomen 16-17/2011
# of pgs: 32
Writer: Claes Reimerthi
Artist: Hans Lindahl
Original colorist: Reprostugan
Producer: Egmont Kärnan

"Fateful Meeting" is a 2011 Team Fantomen story, written by Claes Reimerthi, with art by Hans Lindahl.

Plot summary

In Rodia, the civil war has lead to a state of emergency being declared in the capital Marcusburg. President Singh of Bengali announces at a press conference that she will make a state visit to Rodia. The next day two people arrive by plane to to Rodia. The first is Rilke, a hired assassin. The second is the Phantom who has received a tip that Diana is kept in a Rodian prison.

When a Rodian prison guard arrive home, the Phantom is already there waiting for him, insisting that he help the Phantom into the prison. But Rodian secret police is monitoring the apartment and when the Phantom arrive to the prison he is quickly taken prisoner.

After arriving in Rodia, president Singh is informed that president Leeuwenhoeek is sick and that a double will replace him when they appear together in public. The assassin Rilke is about to press the trigger to kill president Singh when an unknown person shoots Leeuwenhoek's double.

In Noorderzon prison the brutal beating of the Phantom is interrupted with the news that president Leeuwenhoek has been killed. The prison guards decide to that a special prisoner must be taken into safety. In Marcusburg riots break out on the streets. To control the situation president Leeuwenhoek's advisor decide that he must make a public statement on television; alas president Leeuwenhoek dies of a massive heart attack before the broadcast.

The Phantom manage to break out of the prison but not before learning who the special prisoner is, Nelson N'Dela, the leader of the Rodian Liberation Army. In Morristown, there is a board meeting of Sing Corporation to discuss a bid from Darkfire Corporation to buy the company. When the board members have a vote about the offer there is a tie and the matter is postponed until the largest shareholder, president Singh, can attend. Soon after, two of the board members who opposed the bid are murdered.

After the assassination attempt of president Leeuwenhoek, president Singh is taken back to her hotel. There are riots on the street and when the fire alarm goes off, she climbs out on the fire escape. On the street below she is attacked by street thugs until she is saved by the Phantom. He steal a car to take her to the airport and the presidential plane. The airport is closed and when the plan take off, Rodian army units fire at the plane. With a motor burning, the plane crashes in the jungle.

The only two survivors of the plane crash is the Phantom and president Singh. It is not safe to wait for Rodian rebels to show up and together they start a long trek to reach the Bengali border. The Phantom is severly wounded after a fight with a large black panther. At night they sit together at a camp fire. She pours a secret potion into his drinking water. After drinking, the Phantom becomes dizzy and confused and believe that he is there with Diana. As they start to kiss he moans Diana's name. The moon looks down upon them.

The next morning they are discovered by Rodian rebels who intend to kill them. However, they are saved by president Singh's bodyguard Belim. President Singh leave on a boat with Belim and his men, saying to herself that she will never forget their jungle adventure.

Back in Morristown, president Singh use a presidential decree to stop Darkfire Corporation from taking over Singh Corporation.


Recurring Characters

One-time characters

  • Willem Leeuwenhoek, president of Rodia
  • Arend Zeeman, prison guard
  • Regin, assassin, goes by the name Rilke
  • Elena, blond assassin



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