Fantomen Krönika 2003

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In the year 2003 a total of 6 issues of Fantomen Krönika were published.


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Phantom stories

Team Fantomen stories

Issue Title Writer Artist Comments
1 "The Demon of Wasaka" Worker Spadari
1 "The Star of Sekhmet" Ikonen, Hansegård, McLaughlin Felmang, Morrik
1 "Death in Belgium" Avenell Mitton
1 "The Sword of Atan Singh" Jönsson Spadari Part of
2 "Diana in the Jungle Patrol" Knutsson Vallvé
2 "Diana Married" Lundström Eralp
2 "The Revenge of Dogai Singh" Worker Felmang, Benny
2 "Diana's New Job" Avenell Lindahl
3 "The Wedding Gifts" Avenell Felmang, Ferri, Benny
3 "The Black Phantom" Worker Felmang, Benny
3 "The Royal Palace Fire" Reimerthi Lindahl
4 "The Trade War" Lundström Wilhelmsson
4 "The Parasite" Lundström Vallvé
4 "The Slaves" Knutsson Vallvé
4 "The Demon Mask" Lundström Vallvé
5 "Revenge of the Harlequin" Reimerthi Cruz
5 "The False Tsar" Ikonen, Hansegård Felmang, Benny
5 "Kukailomoko, Part 1: Destroyer of the Earth" Årnes Cruz
5 "Kukailomoko, Part 2: Phan-ton" Årnes Cruz
5 "Kukailomoko, Part 3: The City of Slaves" Årnes Cruz
6 "The Murderers from Moscow" Årnes Lindahl
6 "Struggle for Freedom" DePaul Moberg, Vallvé
6 "The Barbary Pirates" Worker Cruz
6 "Shipwrecked" Worker Cruz

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