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Fantomen 2015

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In the year 2015, a total of 19 issues of Swedish comic book Fantomen was published.


In total, 19 issues were published of which 12 were regular issues of 52 pages and 7 were "double issues" of 100 pages. The double issues were on sale for four weeks, while the other issues were on sale for two weeks.

Five issues added extra pages by including comics supplements.

The first issue of 2015 was released on December 30, 2014.


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Main cover artist of the year was newcomer Henrik Sahlström with 11 covers. Other cover artists during the year were Henrik Jonsson (also newcomer, 3 covers, of which two with Brittany Pezzillo), Hans Lindahl (2 covers), Alex Saviuk (also newcomer, 1 cover), Elin Jonsson (also newcomer, 1 cover) and the team Sal Velluto and Eugenio Mattozzi (1 cover).

Cover gallery


Phantom stories

All but four issues included new Team Fantomen stories as main stories, a total of 15 new stories. However, the standard length of a full-length story was changed during this year from 32 to 22 pages. Of the 15 new stories, the first four were 32 pages and the following 11 were 22 pages.

Two issues included a recent Sunday stories as main stories. Several previously unpublished daily and Sunday stories also appeared as back-up stories throughout the year, as well as one previously published daily story by Falk and Barry.

Two issues included reprints of Team Fantomen stories as main stories.

The World of the Phantom, the series of short Team Fantomen stories by new creators, continued from last year. Six new short stories (from one to six pages long) were published during the year. Also introduced was "Phantom Kids", an attempt to appeal to the younger audience.

The Kings Watch serial from Dynamite Entertainment was published as supplements. Four (of five) parts were published this year.

Previously unpublished Team Fantomen stories

Issue Title Writer Artist
1 "The Rivals" Madden Velluto
2-3 "The Bourbon Tax" Hansegård Bade
4 "A Plague in Venice" Lundström Lindahl
5 "The Medicine Man's Daughter" Semb Spadari
8 "Raiders of the Lost City, Part 2" Reimerthi Saviuk
10-11 "Nat Turner's Spirit, Part 1" Reimerthi Leppänen
12 "Nat Turner's Spirit, Part 2" Reimerthi Leppänen
13 "The Skull Gang" Reimerthi Bade
16 "1943, Part 1" Rassy Saviuk
17 "1943, Part 2" Rassy Saviuk
18-19 "Ticket to Freedom" Reimerthi Jonsson
21 "Nat Turner's Spirit, Part 3" Reimerthi Leppänen
22-23 "Singh War, Part 1: The Flying Dutchman" Reimerthi Spadari
24 "Singh War, Part 2: Rodiagate" Reimerthi Bade
25-26 "The Mark of Cain" Madden Ruiz
The World of the Phantom
Issue Title Writer Artist
2-3 "Kit and the Panther Queen" Johnsson Johnsson
8 "Whoever Digs a Pit..." Sonne Jonsson
8 "Alone Is..." Krantz Krantz
9 "The Man in the Darkness" Sonne Jonsson
10-11 "At the End of the Desert" Sonne Crescenzi
22-23 "On Jungle Patrol" Sonne Crescenzi
Phantom Kids
Issue Title Writer Artist
21, 22-23 "Kit and Heloise on Adventure" Hansegård Bielecki

Previously unpublished newspaper stories

Issue Title Writer Artist
2-3 "The Lost Kingdom of Avaria" DePaul Ryan
6-7 "Mandrake's Bon Voyage" DePaul Beatty
9 "Death Stalks the 5th Phantom" DePaul Beatty
10-11 "The Return of Colonel Weeks" DePaul Ryan
10-11 "The Dirty Half-Dozen" DePaul Ryan
18-19 "The Doorman" DePaul Ryan
18-19 "The College Kid" DePaul Ryan
22-23 "A Detente with Crime" DePaul Ryan
24 "The Den of Tigers‎" DePaul Ryan
25-26 "Mexico's Phantom‎" DePaul Ryan

Previously unpublished Dynamite stories

Issue Title Writer Artist
17 "Kings Watch Part 1" Parker Laming
20 "Kings Watch Part 2" Parker Laming
21 "Kings Watch Part 3" Parker Laming
24 "Kings Watch Part 4" Parker Laming

Previously published Team Fantomen stories

Issue Title Writer Artist
14-15 "The Mysterious Cave" Kharelli Bess
14-15 "The Mysterious Cave, Part Two: Ch'Gaan's Curse" Kharelli Bess
20 "The Crying Idol" Reimerthi Bess

Previously published newspaper stories

Issue Title Writer Artist
25-26 "The Sea God" Falk Barry

Other comics

  • "De utvalda" by Nils Lindberg and Gösta Lindwall (issues 6-7 and 25-26)
  • "Jerome K. Jerome Bloche" by Alan Dodier (issues 4, 5, and 6-7)
  • "La Jeunesse de Thorgal" by Yann and Roman Surzhenko (issues 1 and 2-3)
  • "Kriss de Valnor" by Yves Sente and Giulio de Vita (issues 16, 17, and 18-19)
  • "Louve" by Yann and Roman Surzhenko (issues 12, 13, and 14-15)
  • "Mildh & Fromm" by Göran Semb and Carlos Pedrazzini (issues 13, 14-15, 16, and 17)
  • "Prasselsork" by Anders Végh Blidlöv (issues 6-7, 12, 18-19, and 22-23)
  • "Le Scorpion" by Stephen Desberg and Enrico Marini (issues 8, 9, 10-11, 20, 21, and 22-23)


Fantomen 1 included a publishing schedule poster, Fantomen 16 a poster of Best Fantomen cover 2014 and (in stores) the 1st issue of the latest incarnation of Svenska Serier. Parts 1 trough 4 of Kings Watch were included in 17, 20, 21, and 24.

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