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Fantomen 20/1997 cover

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The Fantomen 20/1997 cover was created by Felmang, Silio Romagnoli and Germano Ferri.

Behind the scenes

This cover was originally scheduled to be painted by long-time Fratelli Spada cover artist Mario Caria based on a pencil sketch by Felmang. But Mario Caria was unable to do so, and Felmang instead brought in painter Silio Romagnoli (also a former Fratelli Spada artist) for the background painting (featuring the 20th Phantom's wife Maude resembling Rita Hayworth). The foreground image of the Phantom is an old piece of artwork by Germano Ferri that Felmang colored for this cover (the same artwork was later colored by Germano Ferri for the cover of Phantom - L'Uomo Mascherato #1). When the cover was first published in Fantomen, the originally scheduled artist Caria was erroneously given all credit (misspelled as Carla).