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Terje Nordberg
Biographical information
Born: November 21, 1949
Nationality: Mini norway.gif Norwegian
Occupation: Writer, Editorial people
Website: http://nordbergweb.com/

Terje Nordberg is a Norwegian novelist, comic creator and editor.


Nordberg was the editor of Fantomet 1984-1985, and during the eighties he also wrote two Phantom stories: "The Secret of the Golden Snake" (together with Eirik Ildahl) and "Lost on the Phantom Trail". In addition, he co-wrote a Phantom parody, called "A Secret Life".

Nordberg typically used clever pen names when he wrote comic scripts, for the Phantom he used Th. Pélerin and Ed Redno. "Pèlerin" is the French name for the peregrine falcon, a reference and homage to Lee Falk ("Falk" means "falcon" in Norwegian). Ed Redno was an abbreviation of Editor Redaktør Norge ("redaktør" means "editor" and "Norge" means "Norway" in Norwegian).

Along with Eirik Ildahl, Nordberg also wrote the first James Bond comic book story produced by Semic Press, this time under the name Johann Vlaanderen, a distortion of Ian Fleming; the name of James Bond's creator.

Other comics co-created by him are "Pappa & Pestus", "Trollungens äventyr" and "Reodor & Teodor".

Nordberg moved from Norway to California, where he among other things produces oil paintings and the comic strip "California Dreaming".

In 2012, Nordberg returned to writing Phantom stories, this time under the pen name Falco Pellerin.

Phantom work by Terje Nordberg

The titles of stories which are yet to be published in English are translated from Swedish and marked with "¤".


Team Fantomen stories

# Title Writer Artist
1 "Lost on the Phantom Trail" Pélerin Leppänen
2 "The Secret of the Golden Snake" Kharelli, Redno Leppänen ¤
3 "The Poisoned Land" Pellerin Spadari
4 "U-118" Pellerin Leppänen
5 "Bigfoot" Pellerin Boix
6 "The Coffin" Pellerin Bade
7 "The Final Days" Pellerin Velluto
8 "The Runestone Saga" Pellerin Boix

Parody stories

# Title Writer Artist
1 "A Secret Life" Kharelli, Sprucehill, Pélerin Leppänen ¤

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