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El Periódico is a Spanish newspaper that published part of "The Phantom" daily story "The Prisoner of the Himalayas" in 1990 in issue #10 of Sunday supplement "El Tebeo".


El Periódico (El Periódico de Catalunya) in 1990 published 39 free Sunday supplements devoted to comics. Each issue was in format 32.5 x 43.5 cm on 16 pages in color and black and white, and was devoted to a theme and various other comics. The issue #10 was devoted to the main theme of masked heroes and among them, primarily, "the Phantom". Beside excerpt in color of the story "The Prisoner of the Himalayas", supplement included an article titled "Los Justicerios Enmascarados" and a short Ray Moore's biography.

Published stories

Original story title Issue Date Comment
"The Prisoner of the Himalayas" #10 April 22, 1990 excerpt