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El Hombre Enmascarado (Buru Lan)

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El Hombre Enmascarado was a Spanish album series dedicated to "The Phantom".


It was published in 1983 by the San Sebastian publisher Buru Lan, S.A. de edicionnes. The original materials were edited into comic books format and colored. The existence of a issue #14 and a list of 16 announced titles on the back covers has confused collectors who saw it as a longer collection of at least 14 issues. In fact, only these four numbers are known, the only registered with ISBN number and the only ones that can be found in the Spanish National Library and on the collector shelves.

The schedulle on the back cover was also modified over time and also caused confusion among collectors. The story entitled "La banda del Tucán" was initially announced as issue #4, but it was finally published with the number #14, resulting from the conversion of the list of titles that the publisher made from this number. This new schedulle was punlished on the back cover of issue El Hombre Enmascarado Extra #1. It was closer to the publication order to series from 1971, and renounced the usual 48 pages per album, establishing subtitles Super Extra and Extra for issues with more pages . The fact is that the new organization would have changed numeration of issues #2 and #3 of the original collection to #12 and #13, but it never happened due the publication was canceled, paradoxically, with the issue #1, on extra 64 pages.

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