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Editora Globo was a Brazilian publisher of comics.


Editora Globo first published comics in Brazil in 1925. They focussed mainly on publishing comics newspapers, reprinting various American comic strips in serialized form. Complete stories were occasionally collected into single volumes and sold as annuals and albums. Editora Globo produced Phantom comics under the tradename RGE in period 1953-1986.

Phantom publications published by Globo

Serialized "The Phantom" titles

Title Year(s) Issues
Fantasma Especial (Globo) 1987-1989 30
Fantasma Extra (Globo) 1987-1992 48
O Fantasma (Globo) 1989 4
Fantasma (Globo) 1989-1990 13

As backup title

Title Issue(s)
O Globo Juvenil 1915 (1986 in total)
Álbum O Globo Juvenil 6 (14 in total)
Gibi 1548 (1739 in total)
6 (12 in total)
Coleção Gibi 5 (33 in total)
Gibi Mensal 1 (271 in total)
Gibi Semanal 4 (40 in total)
Almanaque do Globo Juvenil 6 (14 in total)
Novo O Globo Juvenil 22 (108 in total)