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Les Editions des Remparts was a French comics editor which published numerous Phantom (and Mandrake) comic-books during the 1960's and 1970's. However, for these series, they only assured distributing tasks as the material was printed in the Italian Fratelli Spada workshops and had been previously published there by the latter.

Editions des Remparts was named after their address in Lyon (rue des Remparts d'Ainay). Founded in 1946, it was originally a publisher of children books and began to release comics in 1950. At the time, they published several French and Italian comics, mainly western style comics. But, in retaking the Fratelli Spada production in 1963, the Phantom and Mandrake titles became the most important success of the company (over 700 issues for The Phantom only in various series).

These publications also contained various reprints of American comics such as, amongst others, "Rip Kirby", "Tim Tyler's Luck", "King of the Royal Mounted", "Brick Bradford", "Flash Gordon". During the seventies, apart The Phantom and Mandrake, Les Editions des Remparts also published Science-fiction comics like "Flash Gordon", "Star Trek" and "Magnus, Robot Fighter" and classicals like “Prince Valiant”, but at the beginning of the eighties they ceased all activities when newest heroes – like Marvel production, for which they didn’t acquired any publishing rights – were becoming much more popular.

It’s worth to notice that the Phantom material, such as distributed by Editions des Remparts, has had the merit to introduce, at the time, almost all the American strips when the previous series published in France represented only a part of the original production, a very different situation from the one known in Italy where Phantom publications went on throughout the fifties.

Phantom publications published by Editions des Remparts

Title Year(s) Issues
Le Fantôme 1963-1980 482
Le Fantôme Album ? 55
Le Fantôme Spécial 1963-1973
Classiques de l'aventure/Les héros de l'aventure 1964-1971 78
Les héros de l'aventure Spécial 1967-1968 5
Les héros de l'aventure Album ? 19
Le Fantôme Spécial Album ?
L'âge d'or – Le Fantôme 1980 4