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Cover artist: Hans Lindahl
Country/language: Mini sweden.gif Sweden / Swedish
Format: 21 × 28 cm, softcover
Pages: 48 pgs, color
Publishing date: 1992
Editor: Ulf Granberg
Publishing company: Semic Press and Kemikontoret
Preceded by: none
Followed by: none
ISBN 91-530-4062-7

Djungelsnö is a Swedish softcover giveaway album from 1992, released by Semic Press and Kemikontoret (Association of Swedish Chemical Industries). It was produced to promote the Swedish chemistry industry, and published to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Kemikontoret.


The album was wrapped in a banner and included a separate paper with a list of all cameo appearances in the story.

The text on the banner says:
"This is the anniversary publication of Kemikontoret 1992.
No expensive dust-collecting shelf warmer,
but an exciting message to youthful recievers:
Chemistry is neither good nor evil,
it is what we make of it.
Any similarities to famous Swedes are completely intentional."


Phantom stories


  • "Did you know..." (article about cocaine and chemistry)


  • Banner
  • List of cameos