Death in the East End, Part 2

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Death in the East End, Part 2
Death in the East End, Part 2.jpg
Produced for: Fantomen 17/1987
# of pgs: 30
Writer: Michael Tierres
Artist: Georges Bess
Original colorist: N/A
Producer: Semic Press

"Death in the East End, Part 2" is a 1987 Team Fantomen story, written by Michael Tierres, with art by Georges Bess.

Plot summary

The 17th Phantom is searching London's East End for the place where The Red Hand keeps Kit prisoner.


Recurring characters

One-time characters

  • O'Dougan
  • Wilfred
  • Li Yang
  • Edvin Highgate, Lady Atchinson's fiance
  • Wilfred
  • Lieutenant
  • Mr Pettifogger, latin teacher (mentioned only)



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