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Death in the East End, Part 1: The College Ghost

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Death in the East End, Part 1:
The College Ghost
Death in the East End, Part 1.jpg
Produced for: Fantomen 16/1987
# of pgs: 30
Writer: Michael Tierres
Artist: Georges Bess
Original colorist: N/A
Producer: Semic Press

"Death in the East End, Part 1: The College Ghost" is a 1987 Team Fantomen story, written by Michael Tierres, with art by Georges Bess.

Plot summary

In 1885 Kit, the future 18th Phantom, is studying at a college in Whitecliff on the southern coast of England. Kit and his friend Geoffrey barely make it back to the school before the gates are closed at 8 PM. They can see a mysterious light in the school building and shortly after one of the teachers, Mr Pettifogger, comes out. He is in a bad mood and tells them to do their homework instead of loitering.

A few weeks later Kit has forgotten his latin text book in the school house and must get inside, although the building is off-limits to the pupils. He climbs through a window but is captured by Mr Pettifogger and gang members of the criminal organization The Red Hand who use the school house to coordinate smuggling in the area. The gang members drug Kit and take him to the leader of The Red Hand, Madame X.

The 17th Phantom arrives in London the next day and when visits the school, the school principal tells him that Kit has disappeared. The Phantom speaks with Mr Pettifogger whose erratic behaviour reveals that he knows something and that he is a drug addict himself. Later that night The Phantom catches Mr Pettifogger as he is trying to get rid of Kit's text books. Mr Pettifogger reveals that The Red Hand has kidnapped Kit and taken him to Greenfield Manor nearby. Despite the darkness The Phantom finds the manor for a final showdown with Madame X.


Recurring characters

One-time characters

  • Geoffrey Brownlow, Kit's friend
  • Mr Potts, caretaker
  • Mr Pettifogger, latin teacher
  • Jack
  • Will
  • Sykes
  • Joseph
  • Noah
  • Max
  • Jim
  • Alfie
  • School principal



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